Relics of the chozo Not many people have scrobbled relics of the chozo - http smproject. recently. Learn more about scrobbling. Relics of the chozo Relics of the chozo is a project aimed at producing a collective and collaborative interpretation of the soundtrack. Note: For the 10th anniversary, a retagged version with the correct source credits as well as updating the artist names and the album title Super Metroid: Relics of. Download relics of the chozo here. Instructions: These are Ogg Vorbis files. You will need an Ogg Vorbis player. Top tracks from relics of the chozo: Unsettling Nature (Miniboss Theme So It Begins. (Intro Theme) more. A Super Metroid soundtrack rearrangement album produced. Overview. Relics of the chozo, OverClocked ReMix s first game music arrangement album, is based upon the snes s Super Metroid. Despite being an early work for the. Download relics of the chozo soundtracks to your PC in MP3 format. Free relics of the chozo soundtracks, relics of the chozo MP3 downloads. Browse our great selection. OC ReMix is your destination for Super Metroid: relics of the chozo remixes, information, scans, links, composer information, and more.